nyahhh. have you ever felt like some things turned out so wrong in life but somehow still feels right?! i know right, it sounds crazy. its okay, some things in life are meant to be crazy. thats why i have my lovely crazy friends as friends. they get me.

dal n i cooked today. i cheated, she didn't :p my tummys been super happy so yeay happy tummy. we went to the gym too. very painful but it was worth it.

was browsing through the internet and came across my ex-favourite song which is now back at number 1 on my list of favourite songs... i should have a playlist called lost songs *noted. anyways, its faith by seven collar t shirt. i never really understood the lyrics though... till today. or i think i understand it. yes, i analyze lyrics in depth pulak tu. haha. ahhh, i love it. i never actually have seen the band play though. i really should get my ass up and keep up with things. heh. whatever. too late now.

the bookshelf is staring at me with a sign saying "hello, u said u were gonna clean me, im waiiitiing." why do i notice these things after 12 am? nyeh.



beauty up north


the old and the new

raja, if you do see this (im saying IF because i'm not too sure whether anyone visits this blog) i picked that picture of you because this was the best one. i swear. the others are too blurry. anyways, if you guys do see this, drop a hello somewhere down there *pointing down*
oh and credits to all of you because i'm not too sure who snapped who and what and when.



current feelings : uber exhausted, a little scared & worried about work.

current thoughts : .oh shit, what if things dont work out?
.i shouldn't be sleeping right now, i should be doing my work.
.i wish i was born a robot so i wouldn't feel tired.
.despite the fact that my lecturer is brilliant, i am soo hating her right now.
.how the hell do i make it all aligned the way i wanted it to? hmmm.
.i should try to sleep.




Yasmin Ahmad passed away today.

i dont know much about her but i know i love her movies. i love her stories and the way she tells it. she tells it as it is and she makes the world outside Malaysia understand the positivity of our culture.
many have critisized her work but only due to their own marrow minded beliefs; many have spread rumors about her personal life. true or not, it doesnt really matter.

i hope there will be many more like her in the malaysian arts scene.

Rest Well storyteller. may there be more like you in the future.